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The interesting thing here is the reflective highlight on the upper left. It was done using a white solid circle to represent the highlight which sits on top of the black circle. I used the Aspect parameter to shape the white circle, and I also masked part of it off making sure to set the Gradation to maximum. This is a trick I learned from brok landers and bootsie over at KVR.

Download: Shiny Black Knob

Another attempt at using the highlighting technique described above. Also, the tick marks are a little interesting here, though maybe hard to see.

Download: Shiny Green Knob

Variation on the above only using an additional highlight on the border.

Download: Another Shiny Green Knob

This was my first "real" knob, the first time I had success using KnobMan. It kind reminds me of the knobs on those 80s Boss effect pedals.

Download: Boss-like Knob

A non-descript sort of knob that fits nicely into a large variety of GUI's. I think I overdid it on the tick marks, though.

Download: Plain Knob

This knob has a kind of alien quality, something you'd find on a console inside a UFO.

Download: Future Knob

This was an attempt at creating a truly 3D knob. The above zip file has five knob files in it, each representing the knob at a different angle from left to right.

Download: 3D Knobs

I began modeling this knob by using a knob schematic I found on a web. However, the more I worked on it, the less it looked like the schematic. The end result is nothing like I expected.

Download: Eagle Eye Knob

Reminds me of a flower.

Download: Flower Knob

This knob is based on a Photo Shop tutorial (which no longer exits). I attempted to adapt it to KnobMan.

Download: PS Tutorial Knob 1

This is a simple knob, but it uses a techinque I hadn't tried before. The very top layer is a circle. It uses the Plasma texture with the depth turned all the way up. Also, the Alpha parameter in the color section is turned way down. This adds something like noise to the overall image. But the key is that I have this layer rotate just like the indictator line. The result is that the "noise" rotates when you turn the knob, giving it a more tactile feel. It's a subtle effect, but one that doesn't seem to be lost when you reduce the size of the knob.

Download: Noisy Knob

This is another knob based on the rotating noise effect. It uses the "Metal Circle" shape in KnobMan to give the top layer circle a metalic feel. This layer remains stationary, i.e. it doesn't rotate. However, the very top layer is the overall noise layer, and it does rotate. This gives the metal circle layer underneath a more realistic look.

Download: Metal Knob

This knob was inspired by the knobs used on modules at Synthesizers.com.

Download: Synthesizer Knob